2016 Disciplinary Decisions

The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan publish a Bulletin, including disciplinary action, which is distributed to all licensees, insurance companies who do business in Saskatchewan and other interested parties on a periodic basis.

Any licensee who uses information in these documents to discredit another licensee or any other person will be guilty of misconduct.

A complete set of Bylaws for each Council can be found on the website or can be requested from the Council office.

Discipline Committee Decisions


Consensual Agreements and Undertakings

101066033 Saskatchewan Ltd.

Austria, Grizzell Salvador

Bob M.J. Dobrinski Financial Inc.

Centre Holidays Inc. and Cara Theresa Fay

Community Insurance Inc. and Kelvin Deryl Ortynsky

Dalmeny Insurance Ltd. and Darrell Alan Reddekopp

Edmond Financial Group Inc. and Paul Jerome Edmond

Emram Investments Corporation

Foster Park Brokers Inc. and Mark Elton Wiens

FPB Financial Strategies Inc. and Francois
Paul Blouin

Heritage Insurance Ltd. and Greg Arthur Marcyniuk

Hoffart, Susan Lynn

Jack Brawn Insurance Services Ltd.

LoyaltyOne Travel Services Co.

Minavi, Ramin

RMS Retirement Management Services Ltd.

Seaborn Insurance Ltd. and Trevor Barry Seaborn

Timmons Estate Planning Corp.

Uniglobe Carefree Travel Limited and Jamie Diane Milton

Veracity Financial Inc.

Wray Agencies Ltd. and Duncan Scott Wray