2017 Disciplinary Decisions

The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan publish a Bulletin, including disciplinary action, which is distributed to all licensees, insurance companies who do business in Saskatchewan and other interested parties on a periodic basis.

Any licensee who uses information in these documents to discredit another licensee or any other person will be guilty of misconduct.

A complete set of Bylaws for each Council can be found on the website or can be requested from the Council office.

As of June 1, 2017; Consensual Agreements and Undertakings will be posted to the Agency or Individuals licence record under the licensee search and on the
CIRDA national database.


Consensual Agreements and Undertakings

Chen, Qin

CVIS Inc. and Kip Eric Cosgrove

Gateway Financial Insurance Inc. and Carmencita Domilos Bilagot

Happy Life Wealth Management Inc. and Liang Zhi Luo

Paigan, Juvil Balagosa

Sedgwick CMS Canada Inc. a/o/a VeriClaim Canada and Niva Maria Joshua

The Flights Shops Inc. a/o/a Flight Centre Associates a/o/a Flight Centre