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The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan publish a Bulletin which is distributed to all licensees, all insurance companies who do business in Saskatchewan and other interested parties on a periodic basis.

The Bulletin is used to provide information about the regulatory environment in Saskatchewan including amendments to the Council Bylaws.

A complete set of Bylaws for each Council can be found on the web site or can be requested from the Council office.


 2020 Audited Financial Statement

Property & Casualty Adjuster Rep Designated Representative Handbook

2019 Audited Financial Statement

2018 Audited Financial Statement


2017 Audited Financial Statement

All Classes other than Life - Ethics (Dec 2017)

Life A&S and/or A&S - Ethics (Dec 2017)
All Classes other than Life - Change to Education Options for a Level 1 Applicant
All Classes other than Life - Change to Definition of Continuing Education
2016 Audited Financial Statement
Life A&S Code of Conduct
Restricted Travel Agency Licensees (E&O Lapses: Sanctions)
RIA Life and RIA TPA Licensees (E&O Lapses: Sanctions)
RIA General and RIA TPA Licensees (E&O Lapses: Sanctions)
Life and Accident & Sickness Licensees (E&O Lapses: Sanctions)
All Classes other than Life AND Adjusting Firms (E&O Lapses: Sanctions)
Level 1 All Classes other than Life (Restricted Auto Course) effective September 1, 2016
2015 Audited Financial Statement
General Insurance Council and SGI Auto Fund Joint Bulletin - The Follow-Through Matters

P&C Code of Conduct
Adjuster's Code of Conduct

Life Ethics Requirement Reminder (May 2015)

2014 Auited Financial Report

Online Renewal Portal Overview

Online Renewal Portal - Forgot your password

Bylaw Exam changed to Open-Book Exam

General Restricted Auto Salesperson Licence (Nov 2014)

2014 Life Continuing Education Definition

2013 Audited Financial Report

Request for Commission Lists

Criminal Record Searches

Restricted Auto Bulletin

2012 Audited Financial Report

Request for Errors & Omissions

2011 Audited Financial Report and Financial Management Policies

2012 Travel Insurance Bulletin

2012 Hail Bulletin

2012 Restricted Insurance Agent Bulletin

2011 Life Council Bulletin

2011 Adjuster Council Bulletin

2011 General (P&C) Council Bulletin

2010 Life Council Bulletin

2010 General Council Bulletin
(All Classes other than Life, Adjusters, Restricted Travel Licensees), September

2009 Warranty Bulletin, November

2009 Adjuster Bulletin, November

2009 Hail Bulletin, November

2009 Travel Bulletin, November

2009 General Bulletin, November

2009 Life Bulletin, November

2009 General Bulletin, May

2009 Life Bulletin, May


2008 Warranty Bulletin, November


2008 Travel Bulletin, November


2008 Adjuster Bulletin, November


2008 Hail Bulletin, October


2008 General Bulletin, July


2008 Life Bulletin, July


2008 Travel Bulletin, May


2008 Life Bulletin, January


2007 Fall General Bulletin


June 2006 Bulletin


July 2005 Bulletin

October 2004 Bulletin


May 2003 Bulletin


June 2002 Bulletin


May 2001 Bulletin


May 2000 Bulletin


November 1999 Bulletin


July 1999 Bulletin