Complaint Against an Insurance Agent

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It is the duty of an insurance agent to provide full disclosure to a client of all information required to make an informed decision about the product or service being recommended.

An agent must not engage in any practice that is deceptive or misleading and must at all times act with the best interests of the client in mind.

Any person who is aware of improper conduct by an insurance agent is encouraged to contact the Insurance Council office at (306) 757-1988.

The Council will review the circumstances pertaining to the agent's conduct and take appropriate action.

To review the agent conduct provisions of the appropriate Insurance Council Bylaws, please refer to the Misconduct section of the Bylaws set out below.

  General Insurance Council Bylaws 
    Introducing the General Insurance Council of
          Saskatchewan Agent Code of Conduct

Agent's Code of Conduct

                 - Adjuster's Code of Conduct 

  Hail Insurance Council Bylaws

  Life Insurance Council Bylaws