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The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan use various forms as identified below. 

Exam Application Form

Accident & Sickness Forms

All Classes Forms (General, Property & Casualty, Restricted Auto)

General Adjusters Forms

General Restricted Insurance Agent (RIA & TPA) Form

Hail Insurance Agents Forms

Hail Adjuster Forms

Life including Accident & Sickness Forms

Life Restricted Insurance Agent (RIA & TPA) Form

Travel Forms

USA Applicants - FBI Record Check Required

Complaint Form

Request for Certificate of Authority/Non-res Endorsement

Request for Course Accreditation Form

Request to Become an Accredited Course Provider

              All Classes other than Life (P&C)

              Adjuster (P&C)


              Hail Adjuster

              Life and Accident & Sickness

CISRO-CCIR Application Forms