Licensing Examination Application Information

General Insurance Council Exams

The Fundamentals of Insurance and CAIB courses and examinations will continue to be arranged through the Insurance Brokers' Association of Saskatchewan ("IBAS").  The General Insurance Council Bylaw examination can also be written in conjunction with the Fundamentals and CAIB examinations through IBAS.  For those exams, please contact IBAS at 306.525.5900 or visit their website at https://www.ibas.ca/

All other Council licensing exams should now be arranged directly with the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan, using the forms below.  Those writing the General Insurance Council Bylaw examination on its own should also use the forms below.

To register for an exam, applicants must complete and submit a completed Licensing Examination Application  (including fee) to the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan before an exam sitting will be scheduled. 

Completed Licensing Examination Application Forms must be emailed to cari.banda@skcouncil.sk.ca or faxed to 306-347-0525.

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Life Insurance Council Exams

Applicants can apply to directly to Durham College.

Any questions regarding the online process can be emailed to llqpadmin@durhamcollege.ca.

More information can be found here: https://www.skcouncil.sk.ca/getting-licensed/life-insurance/