Getting Licensed

Getting Licensed in Saskatchewan

The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan (ICS) operate under an authority delegated by the Superintendent of Insurance to licence and regulate insurance agents, brokers, adjusters and agencies in the province of Saskatchewan. It is made up of the General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan and  the Life Insurance Council of Saskatchewan.

Crop Hail including Crop Hail Adjusters, Property and Casualty Adjusters and Restricted Travel Agents are regulated through the General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan.

The Councils are committed to a fair, ethical and professional industry which ensures that consumers receive responsible, trustworthy advice and service regarding insurance and related financial matters. The Councils have the authority to conduct investigations into the conduct of insurance brokers, agents and adjusters in response to a complaint and to come to a determination as to whether there has been a breach of any of the provisions of The Saskatchewan Insurance Act, its Regulations or the Insurance Council Bylaws.

To hold an insurance licence, an individual or organization must meet standards of qualification outlined by the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan under the Council Bylaws, The Insurance Act (the "Act"), and The Insurance Regulations ("the regulations").

If you have completed the education requirements and have obtained employment or a contract with an insurance company, you must be licensed to legally conduct insurance activities in Saskatchewan.

Former Licensee Reapplying for a Licence

If you are a former licencee of the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan, you may be eligible to have your licence re-instated.

An individual applying for a licence, who has not held a life and/or accident and sickness agent licence in any jurisdiction in Canada during the past two consecutive years, will be considered a new applicant.

To learn more about the licensing requirements and restrictions, click on either General Insurance or Life Insurance.

First-time Applicants

If you are applying for an insurance licence for the first time, you will need to meet the qualifications and requirements for the specific licence you are applying, for these are outlined at 7-3 of the General and Life Bylaws.

Applicants will need to:

  1. Review licence requirements including educational and experience requirements for either General Council or Life Council.
  2. Complete a Criminal Record Check.
  3. Submit a licence application, including:
    • Proof of completion of the required education and experience requirements
    • Supporting documentation
    • Criminal Record Check (Check out Security Clearance below)
    • Application Fee

The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan will then review the online application and supporting materials provided in accordance to the licensing criteria established under The Insurance Act, the Regulations, and Council Bylaws to determine whether a licence may be issued or if further inquiry or investigation is required.

Security Clearance

Criminal Record Checks MUST accompany all initial Saskatchewan applications for licensing.  This applies to first time applicants, individuals who have not held a licence for more than one year or individuals who have to re-qualify for licensing.

  • Have the local Police or RCMP detachment conduct a Criminal Record Check based on a name search and date of birth.  
  • If a possible record is indicated, you will be required to have this verified with a fingerprint check.
  • The completed Security Clearance Report must be attached to your application form.  The report may not be dated in excess of six months from the current date.
  • A Criminal Record Check is not required for a transfer of recommendation request.
  • Any costs associated with the record check are the responsibility of the applicant.

The Insurance Council of Saskatchewan is now accepting BackCheck and First Advantage Criminal Record Checks.