Disciplinary Decisions

Publication of order

5‑41 Immediately after acting pursuant to section 5‑39 or 5‑64 of the Act, an insurance council shall:

(a) publish the order and the reasons for the order on the website of the Insurance Council of Saskatchewan; or

(b) if, in the opinion of the insurance council, it is not in the public interest to publish the order, notify the Superintendent of the order, the reasons for the order and the reasons for the decision not to publish the order.

7 Jly 2017 c I-9.11 Reg 1 s5-41.


As of June 1, 2017; Disciplinary Decisions will be posted to the Agency or Individual's licence record under the licensee search and on the CIRDA (Canadian Insurance Regulators Disciplinary Actions) national database. 


Previous Disciplinary Decisions


Consensual Agreements and Undertakings


Consensual Agreements and Undertakings


Consensual Agreements and Undertakings